Thursday, June 12, 2008

Finally got (some excerpts of) the Courtroom transcripts for the case between CSJ and LKY/LSL.

They can be found on this blog:

Anyway, I was looking for it to seek some kind of an informed/balanced opinion of the case. Having read these excerpts, I cannot get a good feel for the rationale behind the line of questioning started by CSJ. I think, he really should have gotten a defense counsel to frame the questions properly.

I am not a lawyer and I am still trying to find out what a court proceeding for "determining the quantum of damages" should involve. However, based on the rather tangential questions he asked, I cannot help but feel that CSJ does not care as to the nature of the court proceedings. I also sense from the ongoing transcripts that the Justice Belinda Ang got more and more frustrated, which appeared to manifest itself in subsequent statements with almost curt responses and with CSJ getting cut-off rather rapidly. Maybe there's a deeper context the transcripts failed to convey (time requirements?). Like some others, I think Justice Ang should have handed the subsequent contempt case over to another judge to avoid conflict-of-interest issues.

My personal opinion (somewhat more informed now) is that CSJ probably deserved the contempt charges. I think he was using the court as a forum for something other than the business at hand. I wish he would stop ... he just gives other critics a bad name.

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