Monday, September 29, 2008

JBJ passed away.

I may not have liked his style of politics, but I cannot say I dislike the man. In fact, I had grown more and more sympathetic for him as the years went by. He will be remembered by me, at least. Fiery warhorse of an opposition politician who just never seems to back down from anything (which is good and bad).

What I find a little sad is how unresponsive people have been so far in light of his passing. I read about this 30 minutes ago from the online Straits Times. I checked various sites:

PAP - expected ... no mention of JBJ.
SDP - posted an article about his passing.
WP - sad. Not a squeak. I kinda expected more from WP where a timely tribute to their old leader was concerned.
NSP - nothing.
SPP - sad. Had expected Chiam See Tong to have paid a quick tribute to an old colleague, but well ...
Edit: Turns out Acting Secretary General Desmond Lim has indeed placed a note of condolences. It just happened to be placed in a rather awkward position under Mr. Chiam's Bio entry.
TOC - news article offering their condolences. - summary of CNA article.
Wayang Party - very short statement to refer to the SDP site.
other blogs - nadda.

Maybe I'm too early. Will check again 2-3 days from now.


Li Yang said...

This is the first time I've seen your blog. Strange, to connect from so far away and see your concern for the issues in Singapore.

Li Yang

Chee Wai Lee said...

Hey Li Yang,

Hehehe, pretty strange too, how it got started. It was actually a way for Teck Beng and myself to get connected, but he has since stopped updating his blog.

The world has gotten a whole lot smaller with the internet. The pace of life as a graduate student is hectic, but still leaves me time to pay attention to Singapore news through the news networks as well as other people's blogs. Back in the past, I was the casual news reader ... never really thought about the issues after reading an article. I'm far from being an activist, but some things do start to look rather urgent like the homeless aged problem that I'd like to be able to help out with.