Monday, October 06, 2008

Question: What happened to the "Open Singapore Centre"?

In Chee Soon Juan's parting article to JBJ, he mentioned that they both formed the "Open Singapore Centre". I googled for that and all I could find was that it had been transferred to CSJ's father.

Nothing about it's goals, what it had done etc ... does anybody know?

The SDP article I am referring to is: "Goodbye, dear friend" and here's the appropriate quote:

During breakfast we talked about setting up an NGO to advocate transparency and democracy in Singapore. When we came back, we had a bit of a laugh seeing how the gentleman at the Registry of Companies squirmed as he tried to handle our application for the "Open Singapore Foundation".

After rejecting the term "Foundation", "Institute" and a couple of others, the ROC finally allowed the use of "Centre". Thus was born the first human rights NGO in Singapore.

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