Monday, August 10, 2009

The new P65 blog

Very active, very energetic, and very devoid of the MPs who used to post their thoughts and respond to (imho, side-step) hardcore critics like Blackfeline and gang.

The cynic in me thinks these new guys and girls on the new P65 are vying to be the 4th PM of Singapore :P. What does the cynic in me think that? Like someone else pointed out online, the old postings from the old blog are now gone, as if the old P65ers never posted. Perhaps time will tell.

Meanwhile, the articles so far either do not seem interesting to me or seem rather one-sided. I kinda miss Lam Pin Min's old articles. He sounded a little grovelly then, but they were still somewhat insightful and some level of grovelling was kinda expected :P.


conscience said...

Statements by the new P65 Blog

"An open, inclusive platform for young Singaporeans to share their experience with."

"WELCOME!! We are a group of bloggers who seek to share our experiences with other people. We hoped to engage like-minded individuals using this open, inclusive platform and carry out some friendly bantering on topics close to ou r hearts. Come, visit us often and share your views with us! Tell us how we can improve and what you would like to see within the site."

Er... I'm still not sure who these group of bloggers are and where they come from (I'm too lazy to google their background). Thus I'm not sure if we're "like-minded". Perhaps time will tell... "Open, inclusive platform"? Duh.

"Yes, we're finally open! Let us know how you feel about our new site"

Who're the ones that were eagerly awaiting for your website? "[Your] new site"? For all I know, you could have hijacked the "old" one. LOL. Welcome. Hug, hug...

Chee Wai Lee said...

Hehehe, well, I might just take them at the current face value. They DO banter a lot, addressing issues obliquely rather than directly.

Time will tell if that is what they are actually up to.

I'm pretty sure they did not hijack the old one. At one point, they had new graphics where say "where we talk" (like the original p65 site) but have changed it to "Open for business" in the new graphic.

Anonymous said...

Maybe not PM but I think the P65 blog may be used as a launching pad for new MPs.

Won't be surprised if some these blogger get nominated during the next election.