Saturday, July 05, 2014

My Entertaining Fourth of July Video

LOL! A friend posted this on Facebook, and it cracked me up! I always enjoy watching CGP Grey's videos. I encourage interested readers to follow him.

One of my favorite moments in the clip - the Guano Islands Act.

Well, time to go see if I can get citizenship in Palau, Micronesia, or the Marshall Islands! hehehe


Kevin Jang said...

Maybe it is just me, but I never fancied US residency or citizenship ever, and that explains why I went to Canada. Granted that the USA is a good place to visit, and that it has been touted the Land of Opportunities for a good reason over a decade ago, things are slowly changing around too, so in any case, always have alternatives LOL.

Chee Wai Lee said...

lol! Having been there 14 years, I'll say that I was pretty comfortable there.

Kevin Jang said...

It takes a certain character to like a place. I never liked Singapore since young, and felt repulsed by Japan for pretty much the same reason. Give me 'aesthetically done up' Korea, and it is still better than Japan and Singapore by leagues.