Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Quick Personal Update on My Eczema and that Brain Project

So I had been unwisely picking at the scabs over the last week in order to "try and get medication to reach the infected areas." My doctor had asked me to please stop, and to use moisturizers to allow the creams to reach the infected areas through thicker but intact skin. That is where I am now with my treatment.

The one useful (I hope) tip I'd like to share is to apply the medication first before applying the moisturizers. Previous doctors (I see a different one each time at the National Skin Center ... that's the reality I have to live with for large-scale medical support implementations) had told me I could do either, without telling me how to deal with it. All my prior attempts to apply moisturizers before medication resulted in gooey, gunky disasters where I had no clue if I applied the correct dosage of medication, and in the right affected areas. That is because the greasy layers the moisturizers leave behind do not seem to go away within the 1-2 hours that I was told I could wait before the benefits of using the moisturizers with my medication goes away. Reversing the sequence (and again, I was told they ought to be done within 1-2 hours) helped a lot because I knew the medication was applied to the appropriate areas reasonably accurately, and that the medication would remain there while I applied the moisturizer which had no dosage requirements.

The other quick update was on my previous entry "Interesting Stuff on the Human Brain." I had in fact created a small interactive "game" which demonstrated Eagleman's experiment. The effects appeared to be more subtle than I had expected - I could clearly perceive the 50-70ms delay I introduced into the flash response to a key stroke, even as I slowly introduced incremental delays. And I experienced the causality violation (when the delay was dropped) as something like perceiving the flash response around when my finger was halfway to hitting the key that generates the response. This causality violation effect disappeared for me the moment it was detected as in the brain did not continue to experience the violation with subsequent flash responses with 0 delay. Right now, there's no good/convenient way for me to release that "game" I had written for you guys to try out. "Exit Games" does provide a free service for hosting free online games, so I might give that a try. For now, the best I can do is to package this as a standalone game that can be run on any browser from one's local hard drive assuming you install a Unity 3d plugin available from I won't do that just yet, as I have no place to publicly host the binaries, and I'd like to play around with some more elements of the experiments to convince myself that my perceived causality violations were not due to some other effects that precluded brain delay processing.

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