Monday, August 11, 2014

Defining Myself Better

The other day while catching up on the news, I found myself wanting to make wild course corrections in life - yes, I was that frustrated. To be fair, these all lay in the domain of the doable for myself - a desire to formally take up microbiology and genetics, and a desire to explore new programming paradigms with IBM's new brain-inspired computer chip.

But soon, I recognized this pattern as something I had experienced in the past. As a graduate student my greatest weakness had been my interest in everything, and my focus in none. That cost me dearly in time, and my ability to wrap my mind around what I ought to be doing.

And so I decided I would try to define myself better. That can now be found on my profile instead of that old chronological description of my professional life. On hindsight, that old profile is pretty darn Singaporean - you are defined by the passage of time and what you did. I like this new one more, imho. This describes me - who I am, what I do, what I like doing, what my dreams are.

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