Friday, October 31, 2014

Slowly, I Recover

It has been a long long long 4 months. The skin eczema that I had first documented in the entry "Severe Recurring Eczema: Six Steps Forward, Five Steps Back" has finally subsided to the point where I am no longer psychologically tormented by it. Annoyed yes, tormented no. Instead of having to apply messy creams all over my hands and feet, the only remaining significant affected area is under my right sole. That had helped significantly reduce the torment of my feeling helpless and useless once the creams had been applied each night. Now, I have significantly more freedom of movement even as I continue to apply medication.

The following image documents how things had evolved over the past four months:

How the disease progressed over the last 4 months around my right foot

I am now finally free to focus on my very badly derailed process of getting back on my feet professionally. Let us hope no other disruptions come my way.


Kevin Jang said...

It sounds like good news. As for me, part of me is suffering from a schedule that is not anything but a sign that my body is disliking my environment here. This is why I decided to fly back to Singapore. Looking for a job is a routine, and what I did was to wake up around 9.30 to 10am, and then once I finish sending out resumes or searching for job ads, I stop after 5 to 6 something. The job ads get fewer and fewer in non-academic jobs which I can do, and the catch-22 of 'having experience to get experience' and 'local experience' have basically meant that Australia is reluctant to employ new immigrants in jobs without real connections. My degrees and experience count for naught in their eyes! I cannot sleep too, and sleep around 1 something am. In the long run, this is killing me. I have to stop this for my health mentally and physically.

Kevin Jang said...

There is something about this house which I did not tell you. It is spiritually sick, and sick because of the inhabitants who are in it, while the sound ones are leaving. I am going to plot my leaving too, now that I have booked my ticket out of the city and country.

Chee Wai Lee said...

Yah, it is good news after a fashion. I do have to watch my sources of stress however. Friends who have gone through the same say that very high stress can trigger the autoimmune response to make the skin flare up again.