Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Scalable Visions

By itself, this is a large-scale statement of vision from Neil DeGrasse Tyson which is part of the inspiration for Bill Gates' foundation to make a push to try to end world hunger.

Personally, it can also scale down to myself as an individual. My takeaway is this: "You have to be invested in the outcome, that's where change comes from." From that perspective I'll have to remember that a job is good, but I'll need to balance the need to pay the bills against what I'd like to do with my life. Right now, I'm committing to the latter. I'm making that bet that I will achieve what I want. And when I do, the need to pay the bills will not be an issue.

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Kevin Jang said...

More than 80% of people who are in jobs are known to be unhappy mainly because they are working in a job which they do not like. That is why it is important to actually make your passion your work or way of working. If you work just to survive, then you would have formed part of the "Matrix" which most people are a part of.