Monday, July 06, 2015

Inspiration: Work And Life

Here's an unusual company whose policies are inspiring me to believe there is hope out there for people like myself. Of course I cannot currently consider myself suitable for employment of any sort in my current state of depression. It just wouldn't be right. However once I am able to regain an ability to focus professionally, I recognize that a part of me would never want to go back to a life where the insane push to work hard at all costs is king. This early source of my burn-out will continue to be a source of terror for me, and will continue to be a threat to my emotional security probably all the rest of my life. Just knowing there are companies out there organized in a way that understand the needs of employees helps!

I think with Treehouse, it didn't come out of a place of 'we need to foster creative energy,' it was more of a 'we want to take care of our people.'

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