Thursday, December 07, 2006

Here's something cool: A Credit/Debit card that also allows you to pay for your public transportation.

Nowadays it is just a hassle having so many cards for so many purposes. One could argue that you won't get screwed if you get your card stolen if you had an EZ-link card for public transport in Singapore, but usually you just lose your whole wallet, so you're screwed anyways.

I wonder if the day would come when your biometric features would be used to handle your "credits".


Teck Beng said...

For your information, we now have stored value cards that pay for your food in foodcourts as well (Kopitiam).

But it makes me kind of wonder why we cannot just use the standard cash cards that we have for these purposes as well. Wasn't that part of the reason for having cash card, to create a cash-less society ?

Having to keep one card for each application kind of piss me off. But it probably contribute to the profit of many of these companies, since each card comes with a deposit (which I guess is a profit as long as it is more than the cost of the card).

Chee Wai Lee said...

I agree. It'd be cool to move towards a "credit-chit" system where our ID can also serve securely as our cash card.

I don't know what tax/bureacratic/business/technical pressures prevent NETS cards from being acceptable at all locations, but having one single card that'd "do it all" would really be nice.

I can see this happening in countries like Singapore, where there's no resistance (e.g. in countries like the US where there's simply no trust in government or authorities) to the concept of a National ID.