Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Strange, how modern life has changed the way we react to things ...

If a person walks out of an elevator ("lift" for those back home) talking to someone but you don't see anyone else inside, you'd use to think he/she's insane. Now, it's perfectly natural to just have little to no reaction, even if you do not see the physical phone or devices used for remote communication.

Recently, my phone line got accidentally cut because of some construction works around my apartment ("flat" for those back home :P) block. I actually felt the weight of isolation squeezing my subconscious (OK, maybe a little overdramatize, but I felt it). It really did not help that I was using DSL for my internet communication so it was a double whammy. Thankfully, my lab was just a few blocks away and I spent my time there instead. In the past, if the phone went dead, I'd be perfectly content to sit down and read a book.

And of course, it's amazing how much more contact I'm having with Teck Beng now that we both post comments on each other's blogs! hehehe. More so than when we were both in Singapore (post-school days of course).


Teck Beng said...

My comments exactly. But strangely, I have only had comments from you on my blog.

Was hoping that other friends like Gary and Hua Ming would do the same. With our busy schedules, it is difficult to keep in contact regularly (especially after we had stopped our soccer sessions as well)

Guess we must be geeks to feel completely comfortable keeping in contact via our blogs :-)

Chee Wai Lee said...

Hehehe, it would appear so. Does Jo-tsze know about your blog? Of all people, I'd have expected him to play with blogs.

j0 d00d said...

Wahlau, didn't know u have a blog. At least I hear more from you here than via e-mail. :p