Monday, October 15, 2007

Marital Rape (2)

Wow, it seems the previous opinion is shared by more people (well, at least a second vocal person):

I do not buy the crap that just because a woman enters into "Holy Matrimony" with a man, it means she has to subject herself to her husband's sexual desires anytime he wants it. I'm generalizing here, but it sure sounds like theological crap from over-zealous Christian thinking that I've seen so much in Singapore Christian youth.

Also, he starts to criticize the report on trauma, obviously cherry-picking and choosing to nitpick on the word "violence". I cannot pretend to know the emotions one goes through when one is having sex forced on himself or herself (whether or not there is violence involved) but I do not believe it is pleasant. At the very least, the woman would have to "fake it", which I think is mildly annoying at the least. How the husband can enjoy sex with his wife who is not reciprocating, I do not understand ... might as well masturbate with some porno ... oh wait, there's no porno available in Singapore ... sucks to be a Singaporean male living in Singapore then ...

Which brings me to my next topic, which is the author's sweeping (implied) generalization that because a woman denies her husband sex (Remember, I consider consistent denial grounds for divorce) when she's not in the mood, the husband will invariably visit a prostitute and conduct unsafe sex. That is, again, a typical leap of logic that my countrymen (including the government when they wish to make people afraid) really enjoy making.

I'm starting to feel afraid for the fine womenhood of my country ... sigh. Be strong and kick our men in the butt!

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