Friday, October 12, 2007

Marital Rape ...

... this is a highly disturbing opinion-piece posted on the Straits Times forum website:

In my opinion, the author twists logic to arrive at his conclusion, showing little if any of the simple empathy that should help most civilized individuals come to the conclusion that a lack of consent should be respected in the case where it infringes on personal integrity.

If a spouse says he or she is not interested in sex, then that's that. If this turns out to be a long-term problem, then divorce is the proper and justified option.

I think the law exempting marital rape is outdated and archaic.

It is however, I must admit, a different problem in practice. Unlike the traditional idea of rape, it is extremely hard to prove or disprove marital rape considering the couple are (well, expected to be) regular sex partners. If accusations are made, then what happens? Perhaps a court-order requiring separation? Afterall, the bond of trust has already been broken in such a case, whether or not the crime was in fact committed.

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