Saturday, August 04, 2012

Focus: Happiness and Inspiration

Last "complaint" post for a while (I guess). Getting riled up has done bad things to my overall health. Along with the stress that has plagued me over the last year, this cannot be good for me in the long term. So, I intend to tone it down and try to stop caring altogether, the stupidity or insanity close to me (physically or logically).

Thankfully, life seems to be moving in a better, more stress-free direction. It is in this light that I will try, henceforth, to focus this blog toward more inspirational and happy things.

First up: Space - the Final Frontier. NASA will soon (tomorrow, 10:31pm PDT) land the Curiosity rover. Here's the short clip describing the "Seven Minutes of Terror" that Curiosity will face landing on Mars:

Second: Near Earth - the Former Frontier. NASA will be selecting Space-X, amongst other commercial space companies to fund a kick-start program to enable viable commercial near-Earth orbit transportation enterprises. This should free NASA's energies to focus on the challenges of mounting manned trips to Mars. Now, that is really exciting!,0,6144263.story

Edit: Rover successfully landed! Expecting some science after they get their diagnostics done in about 2-3 weeks! Excited!

Edit (8/8/2012): Just had to add the video embed ... a production by NASA overlaying the actual recorded sequences of mission control on the day of the landing with the imagined scenes from the prior video "7 minutes of Terror".

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