Sunday, July 08, 2012

Boycotting the Thai Tourism Industry (yes, all of it)

I just learned about how Thai villagers break a young elephant to serve them. It is a traditional practice known as "phajaan" and it is utterly deplorable. Here is a National Geographic link on the subject:

I am henceforth officially boycotting the entire Thai tourism industry until they do something to eradicate this practice.

Edit: 7/9/2012 - A friend pointed to a non-profit organization working to help elephants held in captivity to be tamed humanely but effectively for work. This might be the way to go if we want to end the horrendous practice but retain people's livelihood:

My boycott still stands. In fact, it just got extended to all tourism involving elephants until I know they did not get psychologically scarred in a similar way. I think of it the same way I would when I choose to buy tea from Fair Trade certified brands. (Argh, I just checked up on Fair Trade ... apparently they do not monitor how much money actually gets back to the farmers ... sigh).

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