Sunday, December 16, 2012

Annoyance, Inspiration and a Recovery

This is a ranty random post, so be warned.

So, last week had been a particularly annoying week for me on Facebook. I decided to stop following on Friday and resume on Monday because I refuse to let the comments infuriate me any further. I'll leave out the details, but it was the result of too much "us vs them" and ignoramuses who scream simplistic solutions to the complex problems of gun control, all the while insisting they are right and refusing to even listen. I advocate gun control, but I sure as hell try to understand the whats, whys and the hows in the context of the USA. Frankly, I've not spent nearly enough time and energy to even come close to any workable solution. To be fair, there were other sources of inspiration and hope on Facebook but it wasn't enough to lift my spirits. So there.

In light of this, to seek comfort, I escaped to Middle Earth and spent some more time with cat videos. Then today, I discovered the joy and passion that would serve as the final lift that would make me happy: Minute Physics and Smarter Every Day, two of my Youtube heroes actually worked together to talk about two things - corner reflectors and their significance ... and ... wait for it ... space POOP!!!

The last part of the second video is quintessentially American, the spark that led to the making of those two videos. Fun, charming and as Americans put it *Awwwwesooome* .

The best part is the advertisement in the support of education in America that I found while attempting to acquire the prior two embeds. So, here it is:

So I say, go for it America! Continue to take the lead in making the world a better place and take us to the stars!

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