Monday, December 31, 2012

An End of the Year Post

It has been a rough year, year-and-a-half for me personally. It is just hard to get a feel for any confidence and comfort when the ground underneath you is constantly shifting, unstable or uncertain. I have been fighting fires this past year, personal and professional. It had been unpleasant and had mostly felt like a case of one problem following another, completely unrelated but they do dampen optimism by coming at me like repeated blows of a hammer.

Things do look up, but 2013 will be a year of planning, reacting (probably at the last minute - which I hate but have no choice but to deal with) and decision-making. There are paths forward, fallback positions and options to consider. As they all say, no rest for the wicked :).

Have a happy 2013!


Kevin Jang said...

Chee Wai, I had an eventful 2012, with both good and bad moments. Some of the bad moments gave me the sense that the ground under me was shifting rapidly and that I had to make new plans again, but somehow, it is all for the better as I learn more about myself and what is in store for me. Hope that 2013 will be good for you!

Chee Wai Lee said...

Hope so too! And may 2013 bring you greater joy, stability and direction!