Sunday, June 30, 2013

Wonderful People in America

This is really a follow up on

The family I was giving my stuff to were so wonderfully thoughtful and suggested we move the rest of the stuff out this weekend so I wouldn't have to pay another month of storage rental. So instead of writing a check, I wrote a Thank-You card and dropped it off at the rental office for their year of service. As of this writing, we left the cat condo behind but he was headed to an animal shelter to drop some stuff off and thought they might want it. So, fingers crossed it comes in handy to others. I would like to think my old stray Squeeky would like that.

All this while, they had been concerned about my future - whether I'd have a job after August, how my interviews were going, etc. To top it off, they would love to have me over for dinner one of these days. I was very appreciative of their kind thoughts. This has been a wonderful experience so far :).

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Kevin Jang said...

I am glad to hear about that pleasant experience with the family in TX on your side. Despite what liberals say of TX and the conservative states, I believe that Southerners are actually very great people, and after all, one of my best friends in the USA is actually living in NC herself.

Ideology aside and all, you probably have heard about the news concerning the filibuster and so on in the session called for by governor Rick Perry, and the subsequent decision to call a special session. After the various news of Kermit Gosnell in PA and his 'imitator' in TX, there should be regulations and I do pray that in all conscience, that the bill will be passed to protect the unborn children. It will also protect women from harming their bodies with late-term abortions which are medically proven to be very dangerous and hazardous.

I experience the same feelings as you about my time next year after July. But still, it is for the best to leave this job. I have been having a conflict of values and feel that my conscience is militated against at times.