Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ms Angela Brooks, a link to your blog page :)

I apologize for the lack of a response for such a long time, but I do try to be careful with publishing personal information of individuals whom I do not know. You had your email information in your comment, and given some of the strange individuals I've encountered over the years on my blog, I decided it was probably unwise to post those details by publishing your comment. I hope you will understand.

In any case, I found your profile and your (mostly entertainment-related) blog via your link, and am more than happy to link it here for others to follow :).

So, here it is! "A's Happy Place" -

Meanwhile, I am glad you have enjoyed reading some of my (absolutely random) posts :).


Kevin Jang said...

Hey Chee Wai, talking about leaving email information, I wanted to float this idea with you, since I was not sure if you actually was considering it ever in the course of time. I can introduce my immigration consultant or his company to you anyway, for AUS immigration, if you are looking into that as a potential option. Since I cannot talk to you personally here without giving too many details, perhaps you can try searching for me on Facebook at 'Kevin Jang' (note, that is a Korean "Jang", and not a Chinese "Zhang", so search under the former.) Leave a message there, and I can revert and give you details about the consultant if you are interested. I guess that I want to help people who are able and interested in leaving the red dot leave, not those who are opportunists and money-grubbing materialists, but more so since you are someone who is aware of the ills of that society.

Chee Wai Lee said...

Thanks Kevin :).

I am looking at options open to academics in Australia in addition to North America, and New Zealand. However that path requires some significant preparation on my part, which I am working at. I'll take up your offer as soon as I feel ready. As of right now, I still lack focus and direction. I really appreciate it!

Kevin Jang said...

Chee Wai, actually, what I wanted to say is not much. Just look at Yes Migration(based in the Chinatown area), and the main boss, Philip Sng, who is a MARA-registered consultant. All consultants and lawyers handling immigration to Australia, whatever their nationality, have to be registered with a MARA number for the Australian side. Normally, his subordinates are the ones assessing you and handling your work for application, but they cannot sign on any documents(only the boss can, because he is a MARA-registered consultant). I think that you are in good hands with them. There is a free first session of consultation about your chances and the assessment of what you can do with them, and you decide based on that as to whether you really want to engage their services.

Chee Wai Lee said...

Cool, thanks!