Thursday, March 06, 2014

Nice Interview with a Philosphy Professor

Here is a nice interview I like a lot, on a topics I am interested in. Topics like human consciousness, and religion. Of course, the reason I liked it was because many of the views square with my own, and delivered with a fair degree of clarity, from a standpoint of reason. I'd love to follow his work in the future, and here it is as a note-to-self! :)


Kevin Jang said...

How is your life back in Singapore? I am back for a short while till I leave for South Korea on 24 May, but I will be there for 3 months at the most. After that, I am off to Australia.

Chee Wai Lee said...

Tired, and limiting my exposure to the mind-blowingly silly stuff on Facebook, and the local online material to preserve my sanity.

Wanna meet up? I can PM you my email address and phone number if you'd like! :)