Thursday, December 25, 2014

Another Reminder We Are Living In The 21st Century

This is an example of inspired Science and Technology, where progress is made as a result of a deep passion for human living. And where the making of money (I have no doubt they will probably make a lot of money from this) is a secondary concern.

This is technology that my own professional interests could play a role in. I enjoy measuring stuff, and want to create tools that can be useful to others. I have a dream that humanity can one-day lift itself beyond biological limits - and allow us to visit/inhabit worlds with wildly different environments. In particular, I think about high gravity worlds - on super-Earths that have been spotted by the Kepler space telescope where we would need to find ways to overcome the fact that every organ in the human body as it is currently built will weigh 4-5 times more, making it unlikely our internal biological infrastructure can withstand such environments, exo-skeletons not-withstanding.

At this stage of my life however, I am still feeling directionless and rudderless. I still combat a strong sense of personal depression regarding my circumstance.  My own insecurities for now, hold me back. It is the existence of news like this that may one day help pull me out of my hole. For now, I can keep dreaming and keep fighting.


Kevin Jang said...

I understand the sense of depression. Hopefully, something comes up to help you get a chance out of it, and even if not, you might want to take a short holiday just to change the mind's way of looking at it.

I struggle with feelings of being made to feel "not good enough". As much as I believe in my own abilities, I know too the stacked odds against me in some cases, such as the exercising of white privilege in some countries regarding teaching English as someone born in an Asian country and of Asian heritage. At one point, I told my mother that if I had the money, I would even out the odds by going to South Korea for a face-off surgery to remove the features that make me 'Asian', such as lifting up my double eyelids higher to become totally Caucasian and my already relatively pronounced bridge. My point was racial eradication, the same way that South Korean girl went under the knife to look like Miranda Kerr and became a lookalike in most aspects. If she can do it, I can surely do it for my own sake to even out the odds.

Think of what Julie Chen, American broadcaster, said about how she was refused jobs and assignments as a newscaster in Hollywood(first in Dayton OH) until she went under the knife to perform surgery on her eyelids. I think from just observing the before and after pictures, she did not just change her eyelids though but also the bridge of her relatively flat and rounded nose.

Chee Wai Lee said...

Well, in my case the wounds going forward are mostly self-inflicted. Though how I got into this circumstance in the first place is probably not.