Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Wayang Wayang Everywhere

Singapore politics is full of it, opposition or otherwise. What is worse than the political wayang, I suppose is its celebration by society which still sees politics (rather cynically, imho) as a dirty game.

I am quite tired of hearing about it from half a world away. Now, I simply cannot imagine being in the midst of it ... might just drive me mad.

PAP: Act surprised by events they engineer.
WP: To be fair, the least obvious wayang.
SDP: Self-aggrandizing ... either "They stole our idea" or "They want to stop us".
RP: Almost extreme paranoia plus a bit of SDP.
NSP: Reactionary and attention-seeking.
SPP SDA: Random wayang as and when they can get someone's attention.
SPP: Nothing much happening with them.

Edit: Mixed up SDA (Desmond Lim and gang) with SPP (Lina Chiam et. al.).


Kevin Jang said...

The recent case of the five-cornered or six-cornered 'fight' which is really not a fight anyway, because we know who will get that ward eventually, is a clear example of something engineered and which Singaporeans enjoy. I don't know what political or emotional maturity lies in Singaporeans who enjoy this kind of vicarious 'drama'. The member of parliament quitted over alleged infidelity, but that does not constitute a good reason to leave one's seat, and I can only conjecture there is more to it than meets the eye.

Chee Wai Lee said...

We'll see what happens. As to Michael Palmer's resignation, I agree that his infidelity is not sufficient reason in and by itself for resignation by my reckoning.

Unfortunately, Singapore being what it is and the PAP being what it is, the embarrassment alone is sufficient. Part of the reason I wouldn't feel comfortable back there.